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Alright I know everyone has been looking forward to this all week, so Here it is.

The meeting will be held December 18th 12:00 pm at the Subway on memorial drive. Not the one in Walmart but the one near DQ. Everyone must bring a notebook. The first page should have your suggestions, comments, and complaints. There should be a 1.5" margin on the left and right and a .25" margin on the top. Bring two blue pens and a #2 pencil. You'll also need to bring a highlighter (color of your choice) to highlight certain articles of the bylaw agreements in which you'd like to discuss. However I must advise against green because green highlighters make me nautious and I could get sea sick from it. Most people prefer yellow highlighters but I think they suck because they turn ugly colors when you highlight pen and stuff. For those of you with cameras, bring them. We will be going through a trial run of the promotional video and we need lots of angles. If you want to get a grinder while we're there might I suggest the cold cut combo. Some people like the roast beef or chicken terryaki but they're just empty calories. Mayonaise tases good on the cold cut, if you wanna try that, i don't know... I like to get it on Italian bread but that's just me. Sometimes I get pickles just to switch it up a bit, you know throw 'em a curve ball. I tried one of their melt and man did that suck, I can't emphasize that enough... But if you like steak and chees you should definitely go to D'Angelos... yeah they have the best steak'n cheese around. And some terryaki sauce and provolone and your set to die a happy man... I wonder if they have a Subway close to Emerson? I hope so... what will I eat? Boston was fun... I decided that I'm going to buy a car just so I can go there when I want... like every day... I definitely want to film in Boston. Speaking of Boston, that barbeque chicken pizza was great... and the McDonalds fries were awesome... on the way there more so than on the way back. I should have brought my camera. Oh right.... You should bring twenty dollars too. Incase you want more grinders for the trip home.

So everyone dont forget December 18th 12 O'clockTheFilmCrewIsClosedThereIsNoMeeting!
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